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CT Imaging agent

  • Fenestra® Imaging Agents

    Fenestra® is a licensed technology that solves several key problems associated with micro-CT imaging. This biochemically activated emulsion is comprised of iodinated lipids that provide contrast enhancement and a novel oil in water lipid emulsion that selectively localizes the lipids for small animal imaging. 

    The unique Fenestra® formulation is biodegradable and completely eliminated by hepatocyte metabolism.

    Fenestra LC Diabetes

    Detection, staging and monitoring of mouse model of Diabetes with Fenestra LC

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  • Mvivo™ Imaging Agents

    Mvivo™ is our nanoparticle contrast agent line of products for in-vivo imaging. These contrast agents are are ideal for applications such as targeted imaging, vascular and tumor imaging, techniques that require high resolution contrast agents to match the higher resolution preclinical imaging modalities.


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Bradykinin Receptor Modulators

Based on a proprietary sequence of natural and unnatural amino acids, the biostable B1R agonist for blood brain tumor barrier (BBTB) permeabilization, B2R for general blood brain barrier permeabilization and B1R/B2R agonist for optimum BBTB/BBB permeabilization are available exclusively through MediLumine.  MediLumine offers three different peptide agonists which are ideal for co-injection with other contrast agents and possible therapeutic compounds to cross the blood brain barrier.
These agonists can also be used for other applications since recent publications have shown that they are expressed in other disease states.

Chemical Opening of Blood Brain Barrier

Representative intravital confocal images of a mouse brain microvasculature following i.v. injection of FITC-Dextran (MW 2 MDa) (A) and 30 min post-injection of MediLumine’s B2R agonist (0.050 mg/kg or 1.25 μg/mouse) showing extrasavation of FITC-Dextran (B). Scale represents the intensity of fluorescence (Courtesy of Drs Martin Lepage and Fernand Gobeil).


Systems & Accessories


MediLumine™ offers accessories and high quality hardware solutions for challenging aspects of preclinical in vivo research such as control/maintenance of animal body temperature during experimental surgery, high quality anesthesia and performing successful tail vein injection.