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Terms and Conditions of Sales
Price and Sales Tax
The price of the product as indicated in the attached invoice includes all shipping and handling costs. The purchaser is solely responsible for any applicable sales, use, or similar tax and agrees to indemnify BioActs for any such tax if not properly paid by it.

BioActs reserves the right to select the packaging and shipping method for the order, which will ensure the stability of the product as well as efficient tracing. Any damage during shipment is covered by the warranty provided herein. Title to the goods, as well as the risk of loss of the goods, passes when the goods are placed with the shipper.

Designated use and Prohibition of Resale
The product is sold for laboratory research use only, for the exclusive use of the purchaser and therefore may not be resold.

Returns Policy
Products may be returned by the purchaser within 10 days of receipt, provided that the vial(s) have not been opened, broken or otherwise altered. When the returned product is received by BioActs, the purchaser will be credited for 80% of the product's price. The purchaser should send product’s back using his FedEX or etc. courier account and contact BioActs prior to shipping to receive the specific shipping information.

Limited Warranty
The Certificate of Analysis for the product, which is attached to the product, reflects its specifications, applications and conditions for use of the product. BioActs reserves the right to change the content of the Certificate of Analysis without prior notification. All products supplied by BioActs are warranted to meet the published specifications when used under normal conditions in an adequate laboratory.
BioActs does not make any other warranty or representation whatsoever, whether expressed or implied. In particular, BioActs does not make any warranty of suitability, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any product.

Remedies and Limitations
Should any product fail to perform as warranted or for any other claims arising from or related to the purchase of BioActs's products, BioActs's liability and the purchaser's remedy are strictly limited to the purchase price or replacement, at BioActs's sole discretion, of the product.
The above referred remedy shall be the sole and exclusive remedy to the exclusion of any and all other remedies including, without limitation, claims for indirect or consequential damages.

The purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold BioActs, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, representatives and assignees (collectively, "Affiliates") harmless from and against any and all costs, liabilities, losses, and expenses resulting from any claim, suit action, or proceeding brought by any third party against BioActs or its Affiliates alleging or arising from or related to any breach of these Terms & Conditions by the purchaser.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the Korean law. The competent courts in Inchonv, Korea, will have exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute regarding the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or other claims regarding the order.

These Terms and Conditions reflect the entire understanding and agreement between BioActs and the purchaser with respect to the purchase of the product(s).